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Multi-cultural, multi-historical, and spanning man's faith across time, The Final Book is a controversial and blasphemous last chapter of humanity.
"An original and deftly crafted novel that is an impressively engaging and consistently compelling read from cover to cover. A truly epic and skillfully written saga that will linger in the mind, memory and imagination long after the book is finished. Simply stated, The Final Book: Gods is unreservedly recommended and will prove to be a unique and enduringly popular addition to community library Science Fiction & Fantasy collections, as well as the personal reading lists of dedicated fantasy fans." – James Cox, Midwest Book Review


In the beginning there was love. The Goddess of Life in an elated romance with a beloved mortal. Her sister killed him. Their combined actions ripping a hole in destiny and plaguing mankind with an age of unprecedented corruption, vicious holy wars, and religious absolution.

Though long forgotten by the mortals they serve, Zeus and his Pantheon continue to foster and protect mankind which is tearing itself apart—but even God isn't infallible.

After failed diplomacy, the King of the Gods is left with no choice but to take the persona of a modern man—the famed genetic scientist Dr. Hork.

In an effort to preserve the future by reshaping the past, Dr. Hork uses Project Genesis—the transfer of consciousness—to send subjects back in time. However, not without devastating failures. Subjects of the experiment wreak havoc upon humanity until a familiar character is reborn to correct the course.

Reincarnated and ready to fulfill his true destiny, Joshua Bach is the catalyst the Gods have been waiting for—and Dr. Hork’s final beacon of salvation.

Ferociously idealistic, the free-spirited young man struggles to come-of-age in a society ruled by corruption. Under the wing of the Gods, Josh rediscovers his purpose, along with a love that can only be considered timeless.

Set in three periods—modern day, the 1960s, and ancient Mesopotamia—this epic blends human history, ruthless mythology, science fiction, and the supernatural to tell a love story of the future.

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Book #1 in what will be a triology.

Print. Digital.

Book #1 in what will be a triology.
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© 2016 by Sean Hammond. All rights reserved.
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What Readers Are Saying About
The Final Book: Gods

Melissa Green

The synopsis of this book caught me immediately; it is well written and immediately compelling. I enjoy stories with a basis or core laid in mythology, and the Greek myths have always been my favorite, so I had high hopes for this story.

This book does not disappoint!! Characters are well developed and very enjoyable. I found myself quickly trying each character with its Greek mythology counterpart. Hammond takes great care in incorporating even the smallest details of the Greek myths into the foundation of his story. I often found myself smiling with the ease, falling into his version of the world through Gods, Titians, and Oracles.

The book is well developed and is well paced to cover all the elements the author is seeking to include and explain. It covers a surprising amount of topics from theology, cloning, the struggles of love, and justice.

Overall I really enjoyed TFB: Gods; it is something different in the current tides of retellings and remakes. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good story with solid characters looking for something out of the norm.


SA Schlueter

The mingling of Titans, Gods, and mortals; threads time, souls, faiths, myths and legends.

From ancient Mesopotamia through present; rebirth and ascension through Sumerian, Greek, and Egyptian deities; galactic warfare and rebellion; genesis and anima; the Gods engage and intervene in the future of mortals and themselves.

Written in the form of three interspersed books with artifacts of history and love letters; SW Hammond’s debut novel is an epic story with exquisite prose and the depth and scope of meticulous research.

Geek Ireland

Sean Byrne

The Final Book: Gods is S.W. Hammond's first foray into an enticing world of gods and mortals. Spanning four millennia of mortal interaction with the divine, the story follows a path that will be both familiar to Assassin's Creed fans and at the same time something all its own.

At its heart, The Final Book: Gods takes a very interesting view of religious development and as a result has a strong message to put forward. It is perhaps for this reason that the book is described as "a controversial last chapter of humanity."

Should readers be able to get beyond this 'controversial' theme they will find an extremely well written tome that certainly deserves a place on any bookshelf. What's more, S.W. Hammond has revealed that Gods is intended as the first part in a trilogy, so there's plenty more to look forward to in the future.

University of Michigan Medicine, BASIC Cognitive Project

Ruth Longoria

This book was completely refreshing and unexpected... It blended a little bit of everything, from sci-fi to mythology and fantasy.

It got me rethinking the Greek pantheon and everything I've known about the origins of Christianity.

This is the first time I've read anything with references to Sumerian mythology in it and I really appreciated that. Will recommend!



Such a great read, loved the story and the characters. Would love to read more, please write more !!!! Also please consider getting this on TV.


I really enjoyed this book. The characters were well adapted, the storyline was well layered and intriguing, and overall I just found the whole idea behind this book really interesting.

The only thing I wasn't the biggest fan of were the in-between-chapter little segments, where it was like an office memo or typed up court proceeding. Other than that though, really good book and definitely a recommendation.


Jodie Cook

The Final Book: Gods was a great story about gods, humans, romance, and the fall of humanity. However, the religious connotations and history mean you need to have a decent grasp of religion, especially that of the Greek Gods so it did lead to a little Googling on my part. But it was a good story.


The last chapter of humanity. History. Mythology. Blasphemy.