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Artists, Comic Con’ers, Climbers – your fandom has its official home:

Stevie Pearl has a website, but not Alex Nopah? Not anymore. The humble artist has found his online home where he showcases his artwork, lets the world know about upcoming events, and has a special portal where you can email him.

It’s fun bringing these characters a little closer into reality. If you didn’t know better, you may believe The Ballad of Stevie Pearl is based on a real story. In reality, it kind of is–all of the elements of the novel are real–these are real things that happen in our everyday world. They’re just presented through my imaginary friends.

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Stevie Pearl Website Screen Shot

Pearl Party Crashers, your fandom has its official home:

Now that the writing portion of The Ballad of Stevie Pearl is finished, my mind has shifted to creating other elements that might be fun / engaging for readers. Blame it on the day job, but websites are easy to come by around here. And it only seems right that the biggest pop star in the world has one of her own.

I’m not sure what the official website of Stevie Pearl will transform into, but right now it’s some bonus interactive content for fans. Just another place they can discover within her universe and allow the story to linger with them. Inside jokes, tons of supporting content of the novel, and a special message from Stevie to fans who have read her story.

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The Ballad of Stevie Pearl - Editorial Edition

A few advanced readers have gotten their hands on my new novel, The Ballad of Stevie Pearl, and I’m humbled by what they’re saying.

It’s only been a few days, but those getting an early taste of The Ballad of Stevie Pearl have had some pretty encouraging things to say! Wow. I’m always pretty neurotic about this part of the process–I really have no idea if my words are conveying what’s going on in my mind. So much is lost in translation and written language can be quite tricky… any language, for that matter.

There have been some problems–I suck at catching mistakes. Typos. Leaving words out. I am so grateful to my early readers for helping catch these flaws; struggling through an early edition to help make the end draft the best it can be. I always feel like reading my early work is a huge chore–I only want people to see the best version I’m capable of. In our modern society, getting anyone to read a book is a huge ask–having them do some work and help me fix things seems insurmountable. Thank you.

The plan is to still get this novel in the hands of a capable editor. That has been a bit of a struggle… Given our modern social climate, with cancel culture silencing civil discourse, the editors I’ve approached have declined to work on the project… I’m not going to get into this discussion now–I do have a lot of thoughts on the topic, and it’s a serious issue that deserves considerate deliberation. With that said, and especially with the early comments, this book will see the light of day. It will not be kept from you.

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The Ballad of Stevie Pearl - Beta Readers

I am happy and proud to say that The Ballad of Stevie Pearl has had its copyright registered and editorial copies have been printed for beta readers!

We’re moving to the part of the book writing process that is out of my hands. That’s always a little unnerving. For one, I’m still hanging on to all the little thoughts gnawing at me to improve a phrase or cleanup a passage. No book ever feels like it is “done.” Fortunately, I still have a few more opportunities to polish things before its official release.

Want To Influence The Final Version? Request Beta Reader Editorial Copy

Two, this will be the first time others experience the story. I’ve been talking about it for so long, but now a handful of people actually get to read it. This is less scary than it has been in the past–don’t know if that’s because I’m more confident as a writer / storyteller, or I’m just older and don’t care, haha. It’s certainly not “don’t care”–having anyone read my work is still full of neurosis.

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The Mixtape Manifesto: A Pop Culture Confessional - Front Cover

The Mixtape Manifesto Articles No Longer Available Online

A quick bit of housekeeping—a bunch of old articles have been archived and are no longer available online. The majority of these articles can be found in my book, The Mixtape Manifesto: A Pop Culture Confessional.

After almost two decades, it’s time to allow these articles to retire. Super fans and those still needing access to these articles can find them in The Mixtape Manifesto hardcover coffee table book. This adds a bit of value to the hardcover—this content can only be found here—and rewards my readers by making this content exclusive to them. Only the cool kids have the hardcover!

Further, the digital text-only versions of The Mixtape Manifesto, commonly available on Amazon, Kobo, etc., will be unpublished in the coming weeks.

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