Wow wee, things look a bit different, eh?? Check out the brand new website!

Here she be—I like the new design quite a bit and it should serve the cause well. At the very least, it should now look pretty fancy on phones and tablets.

The old site lasted about five and half years—pretty good. It was an early version of a mobile “responsive” website, and while it “worked” on phones, it didn’t work very well. Things were getting jumbled, articles hard to read, and it was about impossible to find anything. I hate my phone, but apparently the rest of the world doesn't feel the same way–the majority of traffic now seeming to be mobile. Hopefully this makes things easier—please let me know if it doesn’t!

The new site has been in development for a while, it took quite a bit of effort to convert all of the old content—I’m well up over 200 articles now! Basically everything was scrapped and then recreated. That was an embarrassing trip down memory lane... Doing so made the technical aspects of the new site much better—less things breaking, getting rid of old code, and giving the server a much needed scrub.

Anyway, take a look around! Let me know what you think! Especially let me know if you find anything that doesn’t work or that doesn't make sensehit me up, yo.

Lots of action over the next few months—the new website is just a preview of what’s to come!