The Final Book: Gods.

Mythology. Blasphemy. Transcendence.

"SW Hammond's debut novel is an epic story with exquisite prose and the depth and scope of meticulous research." –SA Schlueter

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SW Hammond's dog, Yawkey

The website has been seeing some updates (many more to come!) and has a few new features. Things have moved around a bit, the registered user area is improving, and biggest new feature is the ability for all of you to leave comments.

Many years ago I used to allow comments. I like the ability to directly connect with those who read the articles; quick thoughts or discussion was always appreciated and fun. However, it got of hand. I don’t really even mean in an “evil internet troll” sense, most everyone is really cool and I don’t have soft skin. What got overwhelming was the time spent managing the system. Things would always break, you’re constantly fighting spam, and to me it lessened your user experience.

Well, time to give it another shot! Technology has improved, this site is a lot more stable than the old one, and hopefully it will be fun and engaging to start back up.

You don’t need to login or register to leave a comment, but it’s a more rich and engaging experience if you do- especially if you visit regularly. Also, registering allows you access to all the additional articles, content, giveaways, and super awesome fun that isn’t available to the public!

So, with that said, go leave some comments and let’s see how this thing works! Oh, by the way, that's my dog. Her name is Yawkey and she says hi!

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