The Final Book: Gods.

Mythology. Blasphemy. Transcendence.

"SW Hammond's debut novel is an epic story with exquisite prose and the depth and scope of meticulous research." –SA Schlueter

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As 2015 comes to an end we tend to look back over the year and ahead to the future. This year was filled with a lot of change in my personal life. I lived in 3 different states and touched every state west of the Mississippi except for Oklahoma and Texas. I finished up the majority of my contract work with MLB and would be surprised to see anything from them in 2016 as a lot has changed since Manfred took over. I wrote a lot this year, almost all of which you’ve yet to see. The Final Book is virtually complete, I’m currently in the midst of the last chapter! To be honest, I can’t believe I put it down to update the site... Finishing this novel will be a major accomplishment on many fronts and at the very least a symbol of dedication. Proof that I am able to finish something if my heart and mind are in it, haha.

2015 was a significant changing point in my life, and will continue on into 2016. A lot of things came to an end, but out of that came resolution. Feelings of resisting change and holding on to that which has been lost are fading. I see the future once again, and I’m excited about it.

2016 really is a blank slate. I have the ability to finally choose where I want to live and create a home, instead of having it dictated by circumstance or arranged for me. Of course I’ve had my own places in the past, but they always had an end date before they started. 3 months here, 6 months there, if I made it 8 months it was a miracle. I’ve never hung a photo or piece of art because I knew it could be coming down in a matter of weeks. Stability is an exciting proposition, but still ahead of me a bit. The thought of being able to make and keep some friends, getting to know the people who work at the grocery store, and buying a real bed is now starting to sound like an adventure.

Hell or high water, The Final Book will be released in 2016. I love the story and it will become a trilogy, but it will also be nice to work on something else! I have lots of ideas in the wings that need some attention. The website here will see growth in the coming year. There’s a web series I’d like to work on as well as putting myself on strict schedule of creating articles. Ambitious but reasonable with dedication.

The ideas and ability are all in place for 2016, now it’s a matter of funding, haha. C’est la vie, right??

I make an effort to reply to those of you who reach out individually, but I just wanted to say thank you once again. Thanks to everyone who stumbles across my work or takes an active interest in it. Your shares, support, and involvement is invaluable and I truly appreciate it.

Cheers to everyone! Have optimism for the future and gratitude toward the past.

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