Devon Johnson

Devon - Photographer

I don’t even know where to begin about Devon- she’s been so helpful and considerate throughout the years… I met Devon on Warped Tour where she was a die hard fan of Heart & Soul Radio (back then they were called Animo, and before that DORK). After I took the reigns and started managing the band, Devon became captain of the street team and much more importantly the person I went to for critical and objective opinions regarding all things digital and visual. She was my extra set of bloodshot eyes to proof read and make sense of the madness that we were releasing out into the world. Thankfully, she’s continued to be my friend to this day and still corrects me when she finds a typo!

Music is my life! I love going to concerts and supporting my favorite local bands! Photography is quickly becoming a passion of mine especially if it means take pictures of bands during their live show. I just think its magical how the photo lasts long after the note has faded away! MUSIC=LOVE!

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