Raining Color Designs

Raining Color Designs

I met Anna at Galaxy Fest, a pop culture convention in Colorado Springs. It was her first big public event and we were booth buddies–both of our tables next to each other. She was awesome–and so were her friends–we were all snowed in at the hotel and had a great weekend. Obviously, her work was a huge hit and she killed it. She is beyond talented, but also everything you hope she'd be as a person.

Since that snowy weekend, Anna and I have done a few more shows together–sharing burritos in San Jose, pool parties in Denver, and chicken wings back in Colorado Springs. I can't tell you how great it is to see a friendly face and have her support at these shows. She's an artist in high demand and I hope I can get her involved in my upcoming projects–possibly a book cover, inserts, or character prints. Either way, I'm super proud of her. Be sure to check out her work and look for her at your next convention.

Hey there, partner!

My name is Anna and I am an artist currently based in Denver, Colorado. I’m really a big ol’ nerd at heart who takes a lot of inspiration from the things I love such as anime, movies, cartoons, music, and video games. I love doing both fanart and original art and I’m even dabbling in the world of character design.

I also sell art at conventions! If you want to see my convention schedule, click here!

Thanks for giving my work a gander and I hope you have an amazingly awesome day!

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