Peas and carrots, you ask? Yes. You see, peas and carrots can't be more opposite from one another- yet they compliment each other perfectly. Think about it, you wouldn't want to eat mashed potatoes and a baked potato in the same sitting, even if you love spuds. They're essentially the same thing. Yep, peas and carrots.

I'm not looking for my mirror image, I'm not looking at a compatibility rating. I don't care if our Top Ten lists match, and I am no longer looking for some dream girl I've been fanaticizing about my whole life. I'm looking for my counterpoint. I'm looking for my perfect compliment.

The point of this trilogy is not that I want to get back together with my first love, it's that I am now ready to experience love once again. I've come full circle. The first go around was pure dumb luck. I truly was Forest Gump. I didn't know any better about love and relationships and I leaped. I saw something in her and I took a chance. We had no long friendship where I knew it was safe, I didn't make a pros and cons list to help me decide, and I didn't sabotage it because it seemed unlikely. Many years later I've finally figured out that there is no recipe for love- just ingredients and the chance that they might go well together.

The first person who saw a long orange stick and a tiny green ball didn't know what they were getting themselves into, and neither do I. All I can do is hope that my combination is as timeless…