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LE Fitzpatrick - Limelight Literature

Lynzie is a fantastic writer authoring several novels and providing tremendous support within the writing community. She is the purveyor of Limelight Literature, a website stacked with excerpts, reviews, news, and resources of all things new and exciting in the indie writing world. Lynzie is a true professional and always a pleasure to work with. She gave me a shot when others wouldn’t, and I’ll always be grateful for that.

I am an indie author, proofreader and beta reader based in Wales. I offer proofreading services as well as do a spot of beta reading, as well as write books.

We’re just starting out and we want Limelight to grow. We are offering many new indie authors free proofreading services and the more people we help the busier we will get. If you are interested in helping us beta read or proofread work for other indies then please email me.

If you’re interested in doing anything else to help indie authors and want to launch it through Limelight then again please contact us on the above email. We’d love to hear from you.

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