Fun Facts

  • Hammond commissioned a custom Robert August longboard, shaped by the legendary surfer himself.
  • He cried when the 2004 Boston Red Sox won the World Series.
  • Greg Attonito, lead singer of The Bouncing Souls, once borrowed SWH’s acoustic guitar to use during a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater.
  • Hammond is an avid overland explorer and adventurer, journeying to some of the most remote locations in the US.

Sean William Hammond is the author of The Final Book: Gods and The Mixtape Manifesto: A Pop Culture Confessional. He is also a freelance writer contributing to music zines, adventure and lifestyle magazines, and new media technical websites. Here on you'll find a mix of his articles, essays, and personal memoirs that encompass pop culture, politics, philosophy, and relationships.

SWH's writing style, particularly within his commentary, is often compared to Chuck Klosterman with countless references to pop culture, especially music. His fictional writing—taking place in historical settings or by playing on modern headlines—makes use of common and relatable themes to drive home critical points about the human condition. Hammond's honest approach creates an easy camaraderie with the reader, then tests the bounds of emotion with sensitive subject matter. Philosophy, ethics, and virtue square off against a society struggling to find its way—with Hammond in the middle, twisting a knife or casting a lifeline.

SWH actively engages with his audience, continually making guest appearances at book festivals, pop culture events, and comic cons throughout the country. Hammond has been a guest on several talk shows and podcasts discussing writing, philosophy, and existentialism. He is also a panelist contributing to a variety of topics, most notable discussions include artificial intelligence, mythology, and science fiction. Fan experience is a priority for Hammond, and he appreciates those who interact and come out to these events.

Hammond has a unique background as a music and sports industry professional. He has worked in the Commissioner's Office of Major League Baseball as a Marketing Coordinator, was an Assistant of Arizona Operations in the Kansas City Royals farm system, and operated Spring Training stadium audio for the Los Angeles Angels. He is also credited as a Marketing Representative for Sony Music Entertainment, a Senior Tour Manager for Warped Tour, and an intern at WAR Records / United Interests Management.

Born just outside of Denver, CO in 1983, Hammond hasn't settled down much since. Aside from Colorado, as a child he also lived in Maine, California, and Utah. As an adult he returned to Colorado and Utah, also adding Arizona and Nevada to the list. He has visited 49 of the 50 states, vowing to make it to Alaska one day soon. Seemingly only content while in motion, Hammond's dream is to one day own a catamaran and sail it around the world. Hammond has a B.A. in Philosophy from UNLV and currently resides in Colorado Springs, CO. Hammond has never been married and has no children.

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